"New & Improved" Programs


  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Welfare-to-Work

  • Job Readiness & Placement

  • Social & Recreational Activities

  • Professional lead workshops and seminars

  • Adult recreation



  • Private Tutoring (For a Fee)

  • Offers Private Psychotherapists

  • Advocacy and Referrals

  • Peer/Support Groups

  • Teen Pregnancy & STD Prevention

  • Empowerment Workshops

  • Simunye Dance Program

  • Online communication, text, phone and face-to-face meetings will be with a trained coach under the Director's supervision

     Doing it the Wright Way Inc. has developed and designed these newly introduced programs to assist those who are desperately in need of mental health relief in order to complete their daily tasks, short and long term goals. There may be corcumstances to where you are not the victim, but suffering by attending to your neighbor or family for instance.


     Are you struggling, for finding it difficult to cope and express your true inner motions toward your current life obstacles?

     Have you experienced the lack of professional customer service when handling business over the phone or in person?

     Can you agree that it seems as if the service and consideration for professional communication has gotten worse since covid?  


Well together in numbers we can demand a change with issues like this to becoming eligible to have a food truck on the street especially in our own neighborhoods and other events that may have a huge impact on giving back to our communities.